Neutrals and more Neutrals!

Have you ever been to a wedding (hopefully not your own) and said to yourself, ‘JEEZ she is really going to hate these pictures in 20 years with those BRIGHT teal bridesmaids dresses?’ Yeah… happens all the time. It takes everything in myself not to SCREAM politely tell someone that they may want to reconsider their color scheme 🙂

My solution? NEUTRALS! Not only do they look gorgeous and keep the attention on what matters, you your marriage, they are also timeless and lend themselves beautifully to a blank canvas.

Now, I’m not suggesting you have white on white on white, althought that may work! But add a pop of color here or there while keeping most things in a neutral color palate. My obsession lately? Gold and Blush together! Here are some other ideas I’m loving.

Watters Bridesmaids Dress

Blush + Gold Wedding via Revel Blog

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty

Modern Neutrals via Revel Blog

White Chic via Style Me Pretty

Happy Planning, xo


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