The Organized Bride

Ok, so most people will say they are not organized enough to plan their own wedding, I have faith in you people!

The first thing you need to do is set a date. This will most likely be planned around your venue.  So get looking at those venues!! Also, keep in mind the number of people you want to invite. You will need about a year for this, but popular places book up even before that! Once you set a date and book the venue, the photographer and band or DJ should be following quickly! Good news: Once those 3 things are booked, you have a lot of time!! (assuming you booked a year out :))

In the following months you will have time to get a binder or several folders together with inspiration photos, vendors in your area for cakes, flowers, rentals, etc., and a place to keep track of your budgets or deposits.

BUDGETS! That is a-whole-nother post, but you should set a rough budget before you book the venue. Ok, moving on.

There are a TON of books out there to help with planning. There are binders made JUST for wedding planning. There are free templates to download for wedding worksheets. The most important thing, find what works for you! As long as you keep all wedding stuff together, and it’s easily accessible so you can take it to meetings, it will work.

Here is some great organization inspiration, and some great resources:

Free templates from Russel and Hazel

As you start to buy supplies, put them together in a container and label them. Take a photo of the items “set up” so you remember how you want them (trust me you will forget these things!)

Be sure to include a calendar in your wedding binder!

iWedding Deluxe – Download in the app store!


Real Simple’s Ultimate Planning Checklist

Simple Stunning Wedding Organizer via

Happy Planning, xo


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